Service Delivery Platform (SDP)

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At the early stages of the Millennium, cell phone usage drastically increased. With this new trend on the rise, the demand for new services on cell phones increased substantially. This opportunity helped establish the field of Value Added Services on cell phones.

In the year 2002, Virtecha Solutions recognized the opportunity and challenge in creating a system that can effectively deliver and manage the variety of mobile services, such as SMS, and WAP Push. After a period of analysis and development, Virtecha Solutions created the Service Delivery Platform.

  • The Service Delivery Platform delivers comprehensive Value Added Services through a variety of different modules, to provide advanced capabilities that will reflect all the markets needs and requirements.
  • The Service Delivery Platform also has the ability to create custom features that can be continuously upgraded, and will fulfill all our clients special needs.
  • The reliability and flexibility of the SDP is due to the strong technical proficiency of Virtecha’s developers, as well as the 15 years’ experience with maintaining and upgrading the SDP.

The Service Delivery Platform contains the following sub-products and services:

MIT’s Service Factory is a web based application that provides you with the tools to create value added services without the hassle of programming. Service Factory walks you through the process of launching SMS, MMS or WAP Push services and allows you to simultaneously run and manage as many services as your business desires.

Service Factory is for all organizations that are interested in strengthening their mobile presence by offering content to mobile users. Such organizations include:

  • GSM Operators
  • Value Added Service Providers
  • Banks
  • Insurance Companies
  • Financial Institutions, etc.

Here at MIT our goal is to make things easier for you and for your business. Try out our Service Factory and discover the ease with which you can create mobile value added service.


Service Factory offers the following features:

  • Detailed reports that are specific to each service
  • Supports both Arabic and English languages
  • No installation necessary
  • Runs on any OS using any web browser that supports Java scripts, Java applets, and html
  • Service Factory Wizard and FAQ documents
  • Customers can create their own subscription commands for services

Digital Massaging is a mobile marketing campaign management solution that makes it easy to send large amounts of SMS messages. Digital Messaging is a web based application and so can be accessed via the internet.

Digital Massaging allows you to upload your contact list to your phone book. The phone book allows you to sort contacts individually as well as in groups. When sending an SMS message, you may construct your mailing list by selecting any combination of groups and individual contacts that you please. This provides the flexibility that is necessary to segment your market for targeted campaigns.

To commence your campaign all you need to do is:

  • Write your message
  • Select your recipients
  • Specify when you want your message to be sent (immediately or at a predetermined time in the future)

Stay Connected

Digital Messaging provides a true one-to-one interaction and relationship building with customers. The mobile phone has become the ultimate personal communication device; it follows that SMS & MMSmarketing can deliver tangible benefits.

Digital Messaging makes it easy for you to reach your customers at any time, anywhere. It’s the perfect tool for promoting new products, special events, discounts, sending short end of month account statements, points, notifications etc.

Through Digital Messaging, MIT allows you to use its mobile marketing expertise to maximize your return on your marketing activities.

The Messaging Gateway (or SMS Gateway) is part of the Service Delivery Platform, and manages communication between the mobile operator and service subscribers. The system enables continuous monitoring and real-time connectivity alerts.

System Features

  • Send and receive concatenated messages (very long messages are auto-split into smaller messages)
  • MSISDN tracing (i.e., the user’s telephone number) and testing of MO/MT (the messages sent and received by subscribers)
  • Configure the SMS Gateway to deliver messages using direct and indirect interface with the recipient’s operator for optimum delivery time, reliability and cost across different types of protocols such as SMPP and HTTP
  • Open a large number of concurrent (simultaneous) sessions
  • The Messaging Gateway also supports a couple of SMPP protocol versions (3.3 and 3.4)
  • Scheduled sending for organised delivery
  • The Gateway supports flash, SMS and WAP Push.

The SMS Chat system is a chat service that allows its users to meet and chat with their friends wherever they might be. The SMS Chat provides its users with a complete chat system, that allows them to send messages and participate in discussions in groups and rooms that suit the user’s choice of topics.

The SMS Chat boasts flexibility with the methods of delivery of the message, as the SMS Chat can be accessed via the SMS, WAP push, and web interfaces. This helps create a flexible chat service that doesn’t always require an internet connection to use the chat.

Blue Mountain

Here at MIT`s IVR division, we understand what businesses look for when they turn to IVR. With our goal being to enhance business to customer interaction, having designed several high quality industry specific IVR systems. We are certain that if your business needs an IVR system, we have one that is tailored to cover your needs; one that will:

  • Reduce costs
  • Increase efficiency
  • Streamline and standardize the communication process
  • Create and store records of telephone calls

Whether your calls deal with customer service, inquiries, or sales, MIT has an IVR system that is right for you; one that will grow as you grow and evolve with the changing needs of your business.

MIT offers a wide variety of industry specific off the shelf solutions. Each is tailored to address the specific needs and requirements of an individual industry.

Our readymade products are suitable for the following:

  • Contact Center / Call Center
  • Mobile content providers
  • Bank and financial institutions
  • Small businesses
  • Government sectors
  • Survey organizations

What is the Advantage?

Blue Mountain has a proven track record of reliability and quality. Our experienced team of developers, IVR business specialists and account managers will direct you to the product that is best suitable for your business.

Our superior post-deployment services keep us connected with our clients and allow us to address their concerns and solve any technical issues they might face in the future. However, our involvement does not end here; we also take the initiative to offer our customers a wide variety of technology upgrades as they become available.

Our platforms are built on Aculab soundcards. They can support R2, ISDN and SS7 protocols and use Java and VB scripting languages. Furthermore, by making our platforms XML compliant, we ensure that callers find your IVR application absolutely delightful and user friendly.

Optional Features:

  • Comprehensive call log
  • Multi lingual service options
  • 24/7 technical support
  • Call conferencing
  • Outbound notification calls
  • Remote application management via web interface as part of our IVR Hosting service
  • Complete flexibility in increasing or decreasing the number of ports used by your hosted application
  • Call Recording
  • Agent Evaluation

People nowadays love the idea of mobility, and in this case bringing the internet to use through a mobile device. For this to be accomplished, certain types of development have to be implemented, just to make it easier, joyful, and mobilized.

MIT simply handles the development of the WAP browser which provides all of the basic services of a computer-based web browser but simplified to operate within the restrictions of a mobile phone, such as its smaller view screen. Users can connect to WAP sites: websites written in, or dynamically converted to, WML (Wireless Markup Language) and accessed via the WAP browser.

MIT gives content owners the ability and the infrastructure for the integration with network operators through platforms, to quickly monetize content. This service includes marketing the content, and delivering it.

At MIT’s content department, we create, edit and write several value added services, varying from SMS, MMS, Animation, WAP Push, RBTs and ODPs.

Our content is always unique, derived from distinguished resources, it’s either made in-house, or aggregated from different exclusive and distinctive third parties.

Our content is thoroughly reviewed and revised to ensure the best quality of services for our valued customers

MIT provides through its services, a valuable marketing tool, by interacting with targeted customers no matter where they are, taking into mind the critical factor of timing.

This is accomplished through:

  • Targeted bulk SMS: through MIT’s gateway service provides a full end to end solution, which will allow our corporate clients to submit bulk SMS to a number of existing, and/or potential clients.