Privacy Policy

  • Collected information: all information being collected from visitors, members will be dealt with extreme secrecy and only to be used internally. This information might also be used for statistical reasons, such as, but not limited to, number of members, number of hits. All contact information such as e-mail address, telephone number, and any other information which falls under the “contact” category will be dealt with in a confidential matter.
  • Security: MIT implements and follows high security standards and laws, to protect your information or any other content of high importance. MIT also strictly restricts access of your information to unauthorized users.
  • Accounts: MIT gives you total control to update, delete, your personal account, if one is created. In addition, MIT also gives our users the choice to UN-subscribe to our newsletter, if a subscription has been issued and signed up from our customers’ part.
  •  Privacy Policy updates: in the case of any change, update, to our current privacy policy, MIT will inform the users either by the website itself, and/or any other way of communication.
  •  Bulk SMS: in the case of bulk SMS agreements and delivery, MIT is not responsible of the content of the messages sent by application user (customer), in addition, the application user (sender) is responsible for the sender ID name (message subject).
  • Contact: shall you have any specific queries, regarding our privacy policy, please feel free to contact us and clarify your doubts.