SMS Wave

SMS Wave is a licensed middleware application that enables you to integrate your application (i.e. content management system) with our Gateway. Installing SMS Wave gives you total independence and allows you to safely and securely connect directly to GSM Operators; this enables you to send and receive SMS and MMS messages with no intermediaries.


SMS Wave is an essential tool to any organization that tends to send information through a direct connection to GSM Operators. Such organizations include:


  • Banks
  • Advertising Agencies
  • Media Outlets
  • Companies with ongoing communications with customers
  • Value Added Service Providers


With SMS Wave, your confidential information and all details relating to your clients are safe and secure.




  • Supports SMS and MMS
  • Detailed reporting
  • support 2-Way messaging
  • Supports all types of SMS messages: text, binary, WAP-Push, etc.
  • Sends messages to different operators
  • Encapsulates major SMSC communication protocols (i.e. SMPP, UCP, and MM7)
  • Notifications delivery
  • Customizable character tables
  • Supports Unicode messages for Arabic, Chinese, Thai, etc.



Connection Methods


You can connect your application to SMS Wave using any of the following methods:



SMS Wave offers SMPP connection using SMPP 3.3. This method is suitable for sending large numbers of SMS. Customers are required to run SMPP client software.



This is the simplest way to integrate with our gateway.



Receives e-mail messages and converts them into SMS.


Java API

A simple Java API that enables your application to integrate with our gateway.


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