Digital Messaging

Digital Massaging is a mobile marketing campaign management solution that makes it easy to send large amounts of SMS messages. Digital Messaging is a web based application and so can be accessed via the internet.


Digital Massaging allows you to upload your contact list to your phone book. The phone book allows you to sort contacts individually as well as in groups. When sending an SMS message, you may construct your mailing list by selecting any combination of groups and individual contacts that you please. This provides the flexibility that is necessary to segment your market for targeted campaigns.


To commence your campaign all you need to do is:

  • Write your message
  • Select your recipients
  • Specify when you want your message to be sent (immediately or at a predetermined time in the future)


Stay Connected

Digital Messaging provides a true one-to-one interaction and relationship building with customers. The mobile phone has become the ultimate personal communication device; it follows that SMS & MMS marketing can deliver tangible benefits.


Digital Messaging makes it easy for you to reach your customers at any time, anywhere. It’s the perfect tool for promoting new products, special events, discounts, sending short end of month account statements, points, notifications etc.


Through Digital Messaging, MIT allows you to use its mobile marketing expertise to maximize your return on your marketing activities.


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